Zack Bumm – Agentur für Veranstaltungen

Ergo Ipsum – Herzogstraße 89

The Ergo Ipsum enriches the location market as a temporary placeholder. In the middle of Düsseldorf there is a beautiful gem hidden in the beloved Düsseldorf backyards. In its former times, the 100-year-old building served as a wholesale market and finally as an archive for insurance files. As broad as its previous use, the building is also suitable for a wide range of event formats. The first eye-catcher is the 16m long sliding door to Herzogstraße with its large mosaic windows. Countless architectural accents on the 2,000 sqm behind it give the area a personal character, embedded in a yet clear and bright architecture.

A unique location for a unique event – temporary space. Turn your event into an event that cannot be copied.

Further Rooms – Ergo Ipsum – Herzogstraße 89


A long ramp leads down to the perhaps most charming cellar of the city.


A pure New York loft feeling - high ceilings, white painted walls, light concrete floors, room dividing columns and an open window front to the inner courtyard.


The large patterned, 16m long mosaic window front is a highlight of the building both from the outside and from the inside.