Zack Bumm – Agentur für Veranstaltungen

ZackBumm – Projects with Bang Effect

And synonym for events with a bang. The Zack Bumm formula? Knowing how, where and when a brilliant idea ignites a colorful firework.

Corporate Events

Startup Woche Titelbild

Startup-Woche Düsseldorf

The Startup-Woche Düsseldorf reached organizers, visitors and the press with a striking and scene-oriented communication concept

Public Events

Technology Nights on the Rhine and Ruhr

Experience more than 50 sites of technological innovation in just one evening? The Technology Night makes it possible.

Cultural Events

Voices of Fashion

The Voices of Fashion: an umbrella concept for the fashion hub Düsseldorf – with local and international accents.

Exhibition Events

Expats Welcome Day "Welcome to Düsseldorf!"

Our Welcome Day supports international professionals and managers in their jobs, everyday lives and new home.