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Located in Düsseldorf’s Grafenberg district and set amidst a paradisiacal woodland close to downtown, the racetrack’s unusual mixture of landmark-protected buildings and light-flooded modern constructions makes for an exclusive ambience. A newly erected teahouse, a 25,000 qm outdoor area, an atmospheric Old Weigh Wtation, a historic champagne bar and a lodge house with spectacular views offer customisable space for all variety of events all year long. A large number of parking spots are available to your guests at all times. Drop us a line to set up a viewing appointment!

Further Rooms – Racetrack


The teahouse opened its doors in the summer of 2013 as a new event space at the Gr ...

Old Weigh Station

Built in 1913, the landmark-protected Old Weigh Station has been carefully renovat ...

Champagne Bar

For smaller events, we’re pleased to recommend our champagne bar, which has spac ...


The modern grandstand at the Grafenberg Racetrack was built in 1989 and features t ...

Cubic Studios

Cubic Studios has been used for film and photo productions featuring stars such as Heidi Klum, Felix Sturm and Michael “Bully” Herbig. Modern, unique and functional, it can accommodate up to 200 guests. Let yourself be inspired by this stunning space, which has already caused quite a stir among architects and designers. Bright colors, lounge areas and kitchens complement the clean white studios, each of which boasts an infinity cove that makes the room seem endless and allows for elaborate 180-degree projections and various color schemes.

Further Rooms – Cubic Studios

Studio 1

Equipped with a three-sided infinity cove with cyclorama and opening in the front ...

Studio 2

As a standalone space for smaller events, the atmospheric and cozy Studio 2 is per ...