Zack Bumm – Agentur für Veranstaltungen

ZackBumm – Projects with Bang Effect

And synonym for events with a bang. The Zack Bumm formula? Knowing how, where and when a brilliant idea ignites a colorful firework.

Corporate Events

Startup Woche Titelbild

Startup-Woche Düsseldorf

The Startup-Woche Düsseldorf reached organizers, visitors and the press with a striking and scene-oriented communication concept

Corporate Events

Marien Hospital Düsseldorf

High-performance medicine: a new treatment center for next-generation radiation technologies is officially inaugurated.

Corporate Events

EPLAN 30 Jähriges Jubiläum

Some 350 co-workers came together to celebrate. A special day outside the office that both informed and inspired.

Corporate Events

Susanne Bisovsky Show

Spot on! For the first time in Germany, Everlasting Collection, the extraordinary Austrian designer’s haute couture show.