Zack Bumm – Agentur für Veranstaltungen

Brühl Castles – 25 years a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The celebrations at the favourite residence of the erstwhile Elector of Cologne went on for a whole year. With a Festival of Four Continents, Falconer Fest, Discovery Day and European Heritage Day, we put together four public events with jam-packed programming.


  • Programme Content
  • Event Design


  • Project Coordination and Management
  • Authoriszation Process
  • Technical Direction
  • Transport and Shuttle Management
  • Gastronomic Management
  • Programming
  • Human Resource Management


  • Brand Design
  • Media Planning
  • Graphics / Editorial / Printing
  • Advertising Materials
  • Program Materials


  • 2009


  • Verwaltung Schlösser Brühl

Further Projects – Public Events

Technology Nights on the Rhine and Ruhr

Experience more than 50 sites of technological innovation in just one evening? The Technology Night makes it possible.

Europe Day Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf in the spotlight: when the regional capital was selected as host of the Eurovision Song Contest, the hype was huge.

Opening Ceremony: Gymnicher Mühle Nature Park

Experience an entire river habitat at the new water museum, water workshop and water park at Gymnicher Mühle.

Brühl Castles – 25 years a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Anyone who’s been on the World Heritage Site List for 25 years deserves to celebrate.